Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mango Kulfi

The weather is threatening to maybe get hotter in the next few days, and the huge tins of mango pulp were on special offer at the supermarket.

Time to make this quick Indian kulfi-style mango icecream, in the hope some survives long enough to eat in the sunshine...

If you don't have an icecream maker, just pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds and freeze as individual portions.

* 1 large tin of mango pulp (~850g)
* 2 tins of sweetened condensed milk (~400g each)
* a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice
* a couple of teaspoons of vanilla essence
* most of a tin of evaporated milk

Empty the tins of mango pulp and condensed milk into a large jug of at least 3 pints' capacity.
Add the lemon juice and vanilla essence, and enough evaporated milk to bring the total volume up to 3 pints.
Stir together thoroughly, then cover and refridgerate until well chilled.

Prep you icecream maker, and pour in the mixture.
My icecream maker can freeze up to 1.5 pints of mixture, so I make this up as two batches, leaving half in the covered jug in the refridgerator overnight whilst the bowl refreezes for the second batch.
Once churned and well frozen, scrape into a clean icecream tub and let freeze for an hour or two to finish setting up before serving.

Try not to eat the whole lot in one go as it's very moreish!

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